Ever wondered how efficient your home is? Wonder where your home is losing heat in the winter or gaining heat in the summer? Need weather-stripping, a tune-up or air sealing?

Now, if you live in Dominion East Ohio territory, you can call for a Home Energy Audit. Dominion has contracted with GoodCents, a home auditing company, to perform a 3½ to 4½ hour assessment of your home. The inspection will cost you only $50.00 and includes the following if necessary: Exterior and interior inspection, furnace inspection with combustion analysis, thermal imaging and a blower door test. Also included in the assessment are the following: Energy saving showerhead, kitchen and bathroom aerators, hot water tank pipe wrap, weather-stripping, door sweeps and high priority air sealing. You will also receive a comprehensive report before the auditor leaves with a list of measures recommended to be completed on your home.

Afterwards, should you decide to complete the recommended home measures, you will be eligible for rebates up to $1,250.00. The only requirement is that you must use a participating contractor when having work performed.

When complete a GoodCents representative will return and complete a post inspection to insure the work done meets Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and BPI (Building Performance Institute) Standards.

A small sampling of the rebates available include: Up to $400.00 on a furnace, $30.00 on a thermostat, $150.00 on a water heater, $0.30/sq. ft for insulation of walls, floor, attic or ducts. $5 per window and $30 per exterior door should you replace these.

Remember, you can combine these rebates with available Federal Tax Credits (up to $500), Manufacturers Rebates (up to $1200) and other Utilities Rebates (up to $400) These credits and rebates could total to at least $2,500.00 or more.

The best part is this. Once the audit is complete, even if you decide to do nothing to improve your homes efficiency, you have a choice of either a free CO detector or a $50.00 Post-Audit Rebate. Plus, you will know what you should plan for in the future to keep you energy costs as low as possible.

You can visit www.deohpwes.com or call (877)287-3416 for more info or just give me a call and I will help you get in touch with the right people.