The future of backup power is here. Thanks to the innovative advancements of smaller, smarter GE standby generators, you don’t need to purchase a larger, traditional home generator anymore. Committed to empowering homeowners by providing the most cutting-edge products in the industry, GE Generator Systems is changing back up power as we know it.

The award-winning Symphony® II Power Management System and the longest, most comprehensive generator warranty1 in the industry are both one of a kind, and are exclusive to the GE Generator product lineup. What makes this innovation so dynamic? These features are paired with a reliable engine built by the manufacturer trusted by 60 million households for their outdoor power needs, Briggs & Stratton®.

Step away from traditional backup power, and trust the innovation experts at GE to eliminate the disruptions that an unexpected power outage could cause. With GE, you don’t need a larger generator, just a smarter one.