UV100A-1000Did you know that a UV treatment system eliminates 99.9% of mold spores in your system and kills up to 87% of certain airborne bacteria passing by the system? While your HVAC system heats and cools your home, surface mold can still develop and airborne bacteria can be distributed by your ductwork. Improve the air quality in your home with this system and create a more energy efficient home with the best air quality around. A UV treatment system helps maintain efficiency and airflow, saving you money by not having to have your system coil cleaned as much. It includes a 5 year warranty, it is professional installed by one of our NATE certified HVAC professionals and includes both the lamp and bulb too. The SnapLampTM replacement bulbs also make replacement easy and simple. And the lamp has a long lifespan too. The system is also safe around your family and kids too. Some models we carry include: UV100E3007, UV100A1059, UV100A2008, UV100RM1, UV100E1043, and the UV100E2009. If you are interested in learning more about having a professional Honeywell UV treatment system installed in your home or office, please contact Broadview Heating and Cooling at 440-526-7310.