gehgs12kwfront-1If you are seeking a new or replacement generator, GE is definitely the top #1 choice for home and commercial users. This is because GE is a leader in energy innovation, committed to using the latest technology to provide homeowners with peace of mind during a power outage. The GE standby generator system constantly monitors utility power, so when a power outage occurs, the generator system automatically turns on. GE Generator Systems feature our patented Symphony┬« II Power Management, offering a smarter approach to backup power. It used to be that homeowners required a large, more expensive standby generator to meet the power needs of their entire house. However, today homeowners can power all their essential items and still have additional access to their high wattage appliances with a GE Power Generator. Once your appliances are turned back on, the Symphony┬« II Power Management System kicks in. This allows you to manage and prioritize the use of up to 8 high wattage appliances. It’s the smart way to direct backup power anywhere in your house, without the need for a large, expensive standby generator. On an annual basis, you will need to schedule time with your GE Generator Dealer to perform maintenance such as: Changing the oil, replacing the fuel filter, replacing the air filter, changing the spark plugs and more. Ask your dealer about the types of service and maintenance plans they offer too. Your standby generator system is setup to run a weekly test cycle as well to ensure it is operating properly. This automatic 20 minute test is important for the unit to self-diagnose any possible issues that would stop the system from starting when it is most needed. See the types of GE Generators we offer.