Interested in learning more about a UV lighting and treatment system for your home? No matter how much you clean, germs, mold and bacteria will still blow around in the air inside your home each time your cooling and heating system turns on. And did you know that your air conditioner’s moist cooling coil can serve as an ideal breeding ground for mold as well? A quality Honeywell UV treatment system acts as an additional line of defense in order to help protect your family. And you will need a certified and experienced HVAC professional to help you install it properly, like Broadview Heating and Air Conditioning.

Here are some signs that you know your home needs a UV treatment system for you and your family: a) you live in a humid climate; b) you have closed windows and dry climate in the wintertime; c) you use antimicrobial products; d) you have concerns for maintaining energy efficiency in your home; e) you are frequently cleaning your AC ductwork; and f) you have young children and/or elderly living in your home.

The use of ultraviolet light to zap the air and surfaces in rooms and buildings isn’t new. For decades, UV systems have been featured in nursing homes, hospitals, water treatment plants, hospitals, restaurants and more. Honeywell UV systems bring that large-scale technology to the home for an affordable and effective indoor air quality solution and includes a five year warranty. In addition to being a more cost-effective choice, Honeywell ultraviolet treatment systems will apply UV technology to your heating and cooling system to kill airborne and surface contaminants, helping you create a better and more comfortable home environment for your family. Learn more here.

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