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HVAC Maintenance Tips for Your Home for Fall and Winter

Now that summer has ended, and fall is here, it is time to start getting your home ready for the fall and winter months. Let Broadview Heating and Air Conditioning help you with these HVAC maintenance tips for your home. First, seek out your local licensed HVAC company to come perform a professional HVAC inspection….
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Save Money With Your Winter Heating Bills with These Basic Tips

You want lower heating bills during the winter, but you also want your home to be comfortable. With a little bit of effort, you can be saving a lot of money in no time by following these four basic tips: 1) Doors and windows. Weather stripping and caulk can be used to fill any gaps…
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Free Energy Audit

Ever wondered how efficient your home is? Wonder where your home is losing heat in the winter or gaining heat in the summer? Need weather-stripping, a tune-up or air sealing? Now, if you live in Dominion East Ohio territory, you can call for a Home Energy Audit. Dominion has contracted with GoodCents, a home auditing…
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Shop and Save

Shopping Will Save You Money Usually when you go shopping you end up spending money. Well, the shopping I am talking about here will definitely save you money. What I’m talking about is price shopping for the best natural gas rate just as you would when you need to fill your car with fuel. Natural…
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NATE Certified

Chances are pretty good that you will need to repair or even replace your heating or cooling system in the next few years. Your furnace is more than just something to keep you warm in the winter. It needs to be dependable, energy efficient, and, safe. Just because it works does not mean it has…
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Noisy Equipment?

Ever wonder why your furnace or air conditioner is so noisy? Have to turn up the television or radio every time it runs? Do you have uneven room temperatures or rooms that won’t heat or cool at all? You shouldn’t necessarily blame your furnace when the problem with your system could very likely be your…
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Cool Shopping

Now that warm weather is here you might be considering the purchase of a new air conditioner for your home. Since we do not purchase air conditioning very often in our lives, I have put together a few facts about new air conditioning efficiencies to help you make the best decision on which air conditioner…
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