Have you ever wondered why certain areas of your home or too cold in winter, or too hot in summer? Well, contrary to what most think, the problem is not usually found in your heating or air conditioning equipment. Most generally, the experts at Broadview Heating find the problem lies in a number of areas, like your ductwork, or the room itself. Is the room on the second floor, or is the entire second floor uncomfortable? Do some areas have large windows or skylights? Is the room a basement or over a garage? Because every room has different load requirements we must control them independently of each other if we want true comfort. But how can we do this? Well now a very popular answer to this is zoning. Broadview Heating carries a superior product line that, in conjunction with any forced air heating or air conditioning unit, can effectively control temperature levels for any area to which the unit supplies service. It will make every room or area comfortable.


The Arzel Zoning System makes heating (or cooling) any area almost as simple as using a switch to light a room. It can provide heating, cooling, or fan operation separately for different zones throughout your home or business with only one central HVAC system involved.

As each “zone” calls for service, a zoning control panel will send two commands, one to automatic dampers which will then open the duct(s) to that zone and the other to the HVAC unit to provide the required heating or cooling. The dampers to the zones that do not require heating or cooling service will remain closed. By the reduction of HVAC service requirements, the speed and efficiency of airflow to the zone demanding service are greatly enhanced, and at a lower energy cost. Plus, with zoning, you can select to only heat or cool the areas of your home you are presently using. For instance, heat or cool your bedrooms at night, then turn them down during the day when you are not utilizing them. Using the zoning system in this way can resulting in up to 30% energy savings, a great benefit with today’s high fuel bills.

Zoning, the affordable solution to home comfort. Call Broadview Heating, Your Local Area Zoning Experts.

Arzel Zoning System

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AirBoss: Large Residential & Light Commercial Zone Control

The Arzel Zoning AirBoss control panel is perfect for larger residences or for light commercial retrofit or new construction applications. The Arzel AirBoss panel can control up to eight zones on most types of equipment including variable speed and heat pumps.

In light commercial construction, no two projects are ever the same.  Design requirements and building codes make flexible system design a must and the Arzel Zoning System fits the bill. It’s readily expandable for up to 8 zones, so your customer can add more zones as their business grows or their requirements change. Built-in stage timers allow the use of single-stage thermostats in all zones. The system also has “Master Zone” control capability which simplifies system set-back during unoccupied periods.

  • Comprehensive LED status display
  • Master zone control for unoccupied system set back from zone one programmable thermostat
  • On-board second stage delay time eliminates the need for two stage thermostats
  • Leaving air temperature (LAT) control provides operating limits for equipment.
  • Unlimited slave zones can be added.
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EzySlide: Retrofit-Friendly Zone Dampers

The patented EzySlide dampers are the cornerstone of the Arzel comfort solution offerings. The unique motorless design uses low pressure air supplied by Arzel control panels. The EzySlide dampers are the most reliable, easy to install dampers on the market today as they insert into existing duct work, making them ideal for retrofit applications.

Dampers are controlled using color-coded PVC or Plenum rated tubing, making future zone changes simple and easy. Due to the flexibility and simplicity of Arzel’s damper installation, contractors are able to branch or trunk damper  based on the application and homeowner’s lifestyle pattern.

  • Round sizes for 4″ to 16″
  • Rectangular sizes 4″ to 48″
  • 3/4″ gasket for a tight seal
  • 75 sizes in stock ready for immediate shipment
  • Custom shapes and sizes availabe in 24 hours
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