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Air Conditioning Savings Tips

With the warm weather here once again, we will be calling on our air conditioners to keep us comfortable. Running the air conditioner will cause your electric bill to rise, but with these tips you can effectively keep these bills to a minimum.

* Locate and replace your air filter. This should be done monthly in most cases if you are using a 1” throw-away. If you have a 4” or thicker deep pleated filter change it every six months.

*Direct sunlight will really add to your cooling load if it is shining in a window. On east and west facing windows, draw the shades in the morning or afternoon.

* Cool down your house early in the morning when it is still cool outside rather than waiting till the afternoon when it is already hot. This head start can really make a difference in run time of your air conditioner.

*Make sure that nothing is blocking the air from your registers. Ideally, the air should blow up in the room, not towards the floor. Deflectors are available that can be easily attached to your register to direct the airflow up.

* Restrict the use of bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans during really hot weather.

*It is better to keep your air conditioning on during prolonged hot spells. Don’t open the windows at night. Even if it is cool out at night, opening the windows allows humidity back in the house and the air conditioner must then remove it the next day.

* Keep the basement door closed as cold air falls. Basements are naturally cool so leaving this door closed will keep the cool upstairs where it belongs. The same is true with second-floor rooms. Closing the doors between levels will really make a difference in evening-out temperatures throughout the home. 

* Make sure the air conditioner is clean. Dirty coils drastically cut efficiency and output power. There are coils in the outside unit and installed above the furnace in the ductwork.

* Freon levels need to be checked and accurately adjusted. Even a slight variance from manufacturers specifications will lower your air conditioner capacity and really drive up the electric bill.

* New, high efficient air conditioners really can cut your electric bill. We have had many customers report savings that are one-half of what they were paying to cool with their old system.