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Air Monitoring

Now that Spring is here, we are reminded of our allergies as the trees and flowers start pollinating. This is just one of many other “pollutants” that can make us sneeze or become uncomfortable. Actually, there are a number of items in our homes that can create the same reaction when we breath them in. Until just recently, there was no easily affordable way to test the air quality, so typically we selected filters, UV lights, dehumidification etc. hoping it was the right choice. Don’t get me wrong, adding a high efficiency filter never hurts, but knowing which filter to select can make a big impact on the quality of the air we breathe.

We can now affordably install a fully integrated and cloud connected whole home indoor air quality monitoring and ventilation system. This will included sensor technology to monitor and correct your indoor air quality as your home use changes throughout the year. This system monitors humidity, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide and small particulate matter (dust).

Humidity should be maintained between 35 and 50 %. VOCs are created by paints and materials in your home. They are also produced from cleaning products, cosmetics and hobby items to name a few. Items that produce VOCs are many and are all around us at home. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) of course is something we produce while breathing and can build up above recommended levels especially during parties with a lot of people or if your home is especially well built and is very tight.

With a whole home monitoring system we can monitor these pollutants in real time and can integrate the monitor to do things such as automatically bring in fresh air when necessary, turn on and off bath exhaust fans or kitchen hoods, or activate a dehumidifier. This is accomplished only when needed which keeps energy costs as low as possible but creating an environment that will truly reduce the allergens that make is sick.

Included is a free app so you can monitor your air quality and be sure that the air you are breathing is as safe as possible. It can also show you reports by day, week, month or year validating that your system is working properly and efficiently. Installation is as easy as plugging the monitor into a wall plug. Once installed we can evaluate the data in about a week and make scientific recommendations based upon facts rather than fiction.