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Dealer Selection

If it’s time to start getting estimates on new heating or cooling equipment there are steps in the process sthat are must haves when it comes to selecting a new system. These items are important because your new system will serve your home for 20 years. Skip over or omit certain steps during the buying process and you will have to live with the outcome for the duration of your new systems lifetime.

Step one: Make sure your dealer is performing an accurate load calculation on your home. We never want to size the equipment based just on the size we are replacing. Homes change, insulation and windows may have been upgraded, additions added. Maybe the original system was never sized properly when it was new. Too many variables and we certainly do not want to guess at the size. Load calcs are easy and must be done to properly size the new units every time.

Step two: Is the ductwork in your home adequate? If the new system is larger than the existing, the ductwork most likely will be inadequate to handle the extra airflow required.

Step three: Know your options! There are at least ten different models of furnaces and six or more air conditioning models from most of the better manufacturers. I am not talking about capacities but models with different efficiencies, one, two three or variable speeds. Spend time learning about the features and benefits of each model. Todays high efficient models are some of the most efficient, quiet and comfortable units ever made.

Step four: Rebates. Make sure you take advantage of manufacturer, utility and government rebates and that the contractor is able to offer them. These rebates can easily pay the difference of a standard verses high end system.

Step five: Get your warranties in writing. There is always a warranty on parts and labor. If it’s not written down you will have no recourse should you need repairs.

Step six: Dealer reputation. Google reviews will give you a great picture of a dealers customer service. Not just what customers are saying but look too at the dealer response to any adverse situations. Nobody is perfect but the dealers response to a bad situation will show what the dealer is all about when it comes to having a happy customer. Spend the most time on this step and the above steps will be automatically covered as any good dealer will address steps one through five without you asking. “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”