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Now that Fall is in full swing we are about to begin a six-month stint with our homes being closed up from the fresh outdoor air. Fall and winter bring around the threat of the cold and flu season too. On top of that, our furnaces are beginning to dry out our homes causing static shocks and dry, itchy skin.

We can combat the above easily with additions to our HVAC systems that improve IAQ or indoor air quality.

A REME HALO air purification system is one way to stop indoor odors, viruses, and dust. Hydrogen peroxide is the answer and as you know, it is in everything from toothpaste and mouthwash to many cleaning products. If you accidentally cut yourself, chances are you will treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide. The REME HALO is actually a hydrogen peroxide generator that through the use of your furnace fan, distributes this valuable, natural product to every inch of your home, killing bacteria and freshening the air. Its ionizing section will also combat microscopic dust, clumping it together so the furnace filter has a better chance of trapping it.

Dust is another issue that your HVAC system can control with the use of a high efficiency, deep pleated media air filtration system. These filters are able to trap microscopic particles and are easy to maintain because they can last between 6 and 12 months between changes. Deep pleated filters are good for your heating system because they do not restrict the airflow as all 1” pleated filters do. Plus your fan and coils will stay clean indefinitely.

Dryness in the heating season creates a very uncomfortable home and this lack of humidity can increase the risk of cold, flu and other infections. Todays modern whole house humidifiers are the easiest way to stop all the effects of winter dryness in our homes. With the advanced features these modern humidifiers have, maintenance is as simple as changing the water panel once per year. Controlling humidity levels are now automatic as the humidifier calculates the required level based upon the outdoor temperature and no other adjustment is required.

Having all of the above will make a dramatic effect in the comfort and cleanliness of your home even to the point of creating hospital grade IAQ and since we are stuck inside till spring, why not enjoy the best air possible this winter.