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Is it Time to Upgrade?

The two best indicators that an HVAC system needs an upgrade are age and rising costs. If your equipment is 20 years old or older it is living on borrowed time, and it is likely outdated in any case. If you’ve noticed rising repair and energy costs it means your current HVAC system is no longer delivering reliable or cost-effective performance, and if you continue to patch it up you’ll basically be throwing good money after bad.

Shrink your utility bill

ENERGY STAR-certified, high-efficiency furnace, air conditioner or heat pump could save you 20 percent or more on your monthly heating and air conditioning bills.

Two-stage or variable-speed furnaces or air conditioners are especially recommended as they are designed to maximize energy savings.

Improve Performance

Your system is stressed by a significant workload, and after 10 or more years of operation, it will start to function at a lower level of efficiency. You may not notice the decline in performance, since the change happens gradually, but you can be sure it is there.

After upgrading your HVAC equipment, you’ll almost certainly notice improved performance, which will translate to more consistently comfortable temperatures.

Reduce Repairs

As HVAC systems age, they will inevitably need more—and costlier—repairs.

Ever-increasing repair bills are a sign of impending breakdown, and the sooner you upgrade the sooner you’ll begin enjoying all the financial benefits an upgrade entails.

Increase Home Comfort

Older HVAC systems that are slowly grinding to a halt will have a difficult time keeping up when temperatures are severe in summer and in winter, but if you invest in modern HVAC equipment those troubles will vanish. New furnaces and air conditioners will adjust their performance to meet seasonal conditions.

Worry Less

In the back of your mind, you’ve known for a while that the end is near for your current HVAC system. But thinking about the expense of purchasing a new system has kept you sweating it out, hoping against hope that your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump will somehow beat the odds and hold out for a couple of more years.

Once you replace however, you’ll soon realize that upgrading your HVAC system was one of the smartest things you ever did. With financing available you should be able to handle the upfront costs, and with all the money you’ll be saving on energy and repair costs you’ll soon realize you made a tremendous investment.