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Proper Sizing II

Last month we discussed the importance of proper equipment sizing when it comes time to replace your furnace or air conditioner. As a recap, we recommend having a load calculation performed to verify the system is not oversized or undersized. Proper sizing will lower the cost to operate, extend the useful life of the equipment and create a more comfortable environment in your home.

When replacing equipment of course we look to have efficient systems and lower our cost to operate but we can also create a more comfortable environment by sizing properly and utilizing systems that are of variable or two stage design.

Because we size the equipment to have enough capacity for extreme cold or extreme hot weather, most of the time this sizing is too large for the normal outdoor temperatures that we experience during the heating or cooling season. Remember, if the equipment is larger than needed it will start to cycle on and off, creating uncomfortable temperature swings that you can feel.

To overcome and even eliminate these swings, we offer variable speed systems that will automatically change their output to precisely match the required loads the outdoor weather creates. Now we can have a system that is exactly the right size regardless of weather conditions. In the winter these variable systems eliminate uneven temperatures throughout the home because they provide warm air flowing from the registers at all times. Most of the heating season the furnace will run so slow that it is nearly silent. Because it can run so slowly, the wear and tear on the system is minimal and its life expectancy is extended. Service and repairs will also be kept to a minimum.

Air conditioning systems of variable speed design will have the same benefits as the heating system plus will remove much more humidity than a conventional single speed air conditioning system. As a bonus, areas like second floor bedrooms that are usually many degrees warmer than the main floor can be cooled to a much more comfortable temperature when utilizing variable speed air conditioning as again, it will run slower and much longer cycles, distributing the cool air for longer, gentler and quieter cycles.

If it’s time to look at a new system, consider the variable speed option. With the rebates and tax credits available today, the extra cost is very reasonable and the comfort you will enjoy will be well worth it.